Clinical efficacy of tianeptine in patients with ischemic heart
disease and comorbid depression

Pogosova GV, Zhidko NI, Krasnitskii VB, Tikhomirova EA,
Odintsova AS, Akhmedzhanov NM, Baichorov IKh.
Kardiologiia. 2004;44(3):20-4.


Ischemic heart disease patients (20 men, 20 women, age 36-72 years) with class II-III effort angina and depression (Beck Depression Inventory -- BDI -- score > or = 19) were randomized to standard therapy were treatment of stable ischemic heart disease (control group) or standard therapy plus tianeptine 37.5 mg/day. After 6 weeks 52% decrease of BDI score occurred in tianeptine treated patients (from 24.9+/-1.2 to 11.9+/-1.5, p<0.001). This was associated with decrease of number and severity of cardialgias, better blood pressure control in patients with hypertension, lengthening of exercise time during exercise test (by 3.3+/-0.9 min, p<0.05), and increase of overall index of quality of life (by 2.6+/-0.9 points, p<0.01). No dynamics of these parameters occurred in control group.

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