[Clinical efficacy and tolerability of tianeptine in treatment of depression (Russian open multicenter trial)
Mosolov SN, Avedisova AS, Vertogradova OP, Bovin RIa, Morozova MA,
Panteleeva GP, Tochilov VA, Kostriukova EG, Gorodnichev AV.
Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2003;103(8):29-34.


One hundred and forty two patients with ICD-10 diagnosis of depression from 7 research scientific were treated with tianeptine (coaxil); 124 have completed the treatment course. Moderate depression was diagnosed in 111 patients (89.5%) and severe depression--in 13 (10.5%). A duration of the last episode before treatment was 7.1 +/- 1.7 months. The mean score by Hamilton depression scale was 24.4 +/- 4.0. The patients received tianeptine as a monotherapy in dosage 12.5 mg, 3 times daily during 6 weeks (65-year olds and older were given 25 mg daily). Tianeptine proved to be an antidepressant with balanced action, i.e., exerted thymoanaleptic, anxiolytic and activating effects. The treatment was beneficial for 70.4% of the patients; remission was revealed in 58%. The medication was well tolerated with rare and weakly pronounced side effects.
Anxious depression
Tianeptine (Stablon)
Tianeptine: structure
Ethanol withdrawal and tianeptine
Discriminative stimulus properties
Ischaemic heart disease/depression
Neurobiology of mood, anxiety and emotion

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