Preventive efficacy of tianeptine in recurrent depression
with frequent exacerbations

Mosolov SN, Vertogradova OP, Panteleeva GP, Morozova MA,
Kostiukova EG, Gorodnichev AV, Abramova LI, Bannikov GS,
Timofeef IV, Oleichik IV, Artiukh VV.
Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2004;104(9):32-8.


The results of the studies of 4 Russian research centers are summarized. Tianeptine (coaxil) was used in the treatment of 55 patients with ICD-10 diagnosis of recurrent depressive disorder (F32.1), 50 patients have completely finished the treatment. Tianeptine was assigned in dosage of 12.5 mg 3 times daily (patients over 65 years old received 25.0 mg daily) during 12 months. The drug was shown to have a high preventive efficacy for the disorder. Sixty-one percent of patients were full-responders. Taken together with partial responders (13%), an improvement was observed in 74% patients. The drug demonstrated a well tolerability with a rare and mild expression of side-effects.
Anxious depression
Tianeptine (Stablon)
Tianeptine: structure
Ethanol withdrawal and tianeptine
Discriminative stimulus properties
Ischaemic heart disease/depression
Neurobiology of mood, anxiety and emotion

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