Tianeptine can be effective in men with
depression and erectile dysfunction

El-Shafey H, Atteya A, Abu El-Magd S,
Hassanein A, Fathy A, Shamloul R.
Department of Andrology, Sexology and STDs,
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
J Sex Med. 2006 Sep;3(5):910-7.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) and depression are highly prevalent medical disorders affecting men of diverse cultures throughout the world. Tianeptine is a new antidepressant drug with less adverse effects on sexual functions. To evaluate the efficacy of tianeptine in the treatment of mild to moderate depression with ED. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial. Subjects were assigned either tianeptine or matching placebo, each for 8 weeks. All patients were followed up on monthly basis where they were asked to complete three assessment questionnaires, namely, Anxiety and Depression Scale, Brief Sexual Inventory, and Quality-of-life and erection questionnaire. All patients were asked a global assessment question. Treatment-responsive subjects were defined as study participants who had scores 1-16 on the Anxiety and depression Scale, showed normal erectile function on the Brief Sexual Inventory, and answered "yes" to the global assessment question. Of the 237 consecutive men complaining of ED of >6 months and screened for this study, 110 patients met our inclusive criteria; 42 declined to participate. The remaining 68 patients were randomly assigned to treatment. Significant improvement (P < 0.05) was observed during the active drug phase in all three assessments questionnaires, in comparison with the placebo phase. Forty-eight patients (72.7%) of the subjects during the active drug phase were classified as responders, while 19 (27.9%) of the subjects during placebo phase were classified as responders. Tianeptine could be considered an effective therapy for the treatment of depression and ED. Further large-scale multicentered studies are warranted. El-Shafey H, Atteya A, el-Magd SA, Hassanein A, Fathy A, and Shamloul R. Tianeptine can be effective in men with depression and erectile dysfunction.
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